Regnum Consano, Year 1

The Founding


    “Together we prosper”

    LN Autocracy

    Size 4

    Capital City: Sedis Primum (large town, pop. 1700)


Not long after the Stag Lord and his men were defeated, the party received the second writ from the Swordlords of Brevoy: found a vassal state. Supplies began to roll in, and as stockpiles grew, Gaelan recalled the teachings of Abadar, laid out in the Manual of City Building. The very same text was used by great Aroden to found the metropolis of Absalom.


Gaelan saw the beginnings of his Absalom. Taking control quickly, following the holy precepts, and ruling carefully through wisdom, the state of Consano began to form.


Leadership was the first order of business: many hands make light work, and a kingdom is a burden indeed. He assigned his compatriots and trusted locals positions in the new order:


Nadour was named Consul, to hear and interpret the will of the people.

Raleigh is now Imperator, to lead the forces of Consano in battle.

Rainy is the Custos, organizing patrols of the borders and wilds.

Nova became Circumspector, putting her talents to use gathering information

Gaelan named himself Magnate, by the will of Abadar, ruling Consano with wisdom.


Sweet Svetlana became Legate, to handle diplomatic envoys.

Jhod is Mysta, second in divinity to the Magnate and hearing the will of the gods.

Newly-rescued Wen was granted the position of Magus, leading magical study.

Akiros was chosen as Sicarius, the redeeming arm of the Magnate.

Keston was selected as Excubitor, head of the guards.


There is yet no consort, and no heir. Perhaps in time.


The first shipments of goods were devoted to restoring the fallen castle the Stag Lord had occupied and housing incoming residents. After four months and a tribute paid to the Chief of the Sootscale Kobolds, the Sootscale Mine was opened. The prosperity of the mine and the steadfast leadership helped narrowly avoid a disaster when crops began failing in month five. In the sixth month, the gods smiled down and excellent weather sped the recovery of the people. An alchemy shop was set up in Sedis Primum as well, to lure Bokken back into civilization. He would not have it, and another alchemist moved in.


A new shop opened as month seven passed quietly. In the eighth month a plague struck! It would surely have been deadly but for the organized and stable leadership displayed by the Magnate and his party. A shrine to Abadar was raised around that time, but had not the power to protect the people.


In the tenth month, the shrine was raised to a temple and a barracks was built. Month eleven saw a tornado strike the farmland near Sedis Primus, and again disaster was narrowly averted.


Thus passed the first year of Regnus Consano. It remains small, but is enormously prosperous. Magnate Gaelan has plans, but they need time to see fruition. Will the gods grant it?


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